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From cup (US) to mL: 1 cup (US) = 236.5882365 mL;

From mL to cup (US): 1 mL = 0.0042267528 cup (US);

How to Convert Cup (US) to Milliliter?

As we know One cup (US) is equal to 236.5882365 mL (1 cup (US) = 236.5882365 mL).

To convert Cup (US) to Milliliter, multiply your cup (US) figure by 236.5882365.

Example : convert 25 cup (US) to mL:

25 cup (US) = 25 × 236.5882365 mL = mL

To convert Milliliter to Cup (US), divide your mL figure by 236.5882365.

Example : convert 25 mL to cup (US):

25 mL = 25 ÷ 236.5882365 cup (US) = cup (US)

How to Convert Milliliter to Cup (US)?

As we know One mL is equal to 0.0042267528 cup (US) (1 mL = 0.0042267528 cup (US)).

To convert Milliliter to Cup (US), multiply your mL figure by 0.0042267528.

Example : convert 45 mL to cup (US):

45 mL = 45 × 0.0042267528 cup (US) = cup (US)

To convert Cup (US) to Milliliter, divide your cup (US) figure by 0.0042267528.

Example : convert 45 cup (US) to mL:

45 cup (US) = 45 ÷ 0.0042267528 mL = mL

Popular Volume Unit Conversions

Convert Cup (US) or Milliliter to Other Volume Units

Cup (US) Conversion Table
cup (US) to m³1 cup (US) = 0.0002365882 m³
cup (US) to km³1 cup (US) = 2.365882364E-13 km³
cup (US) to cm³1 cup (US) = 236.5882365 cm³
cup (US) to mm³1 cup (US) = 236588.2365 mm³
cup (US) to L1 cup (US) = 0.2365882365 L
cup (US) to mL1 cup (US) = 236.5882365 mL
cup (US) to gal (US)1 cup (US) = 0.0625 gal (US)
cup (US) to qt (US)1 cup (US) = 0.25 qt (US)
cup (US) to pt (US)1 cup (US) = 0.5 pt (US)
cup (US) to tablespoon (US)1 cup (US) = 16 tablespoon (US)
cup (US) to teaspoon (US)1 cup (US) = 48 teaspoon (US)
cup (US) to mi³1 cup (US) = 5.676053646E-14 mi³
cup (US) to yd³1 cup (US) = 0.0003094457 yd³
cup (US) to ft³1 cup (US) = 0.0083550347 ft³
cup (US) to in³1 cup (US) = 14.4375 in³
cup (US) to dm³1 cup (US) = 0.2365882365 dm³
cup (US) to EL1 cup (US) = 2.365882364E-19 EL
cup (US) to PL1 cup (US) = 2.365882364E-16 PL
cup (US) to TL1 cup (US) = 2.365882364E-13 TL
cup (US) to GL1 cup (US) = 2.365882364E-10 GL
cup (US) to ML1 cup (US) = 2.365882364E-7 ML
cup (US) to kL1 cup (US) = 0.0002365882 kL
cup (US) to hL1 cup (US) = 0.0023658824 hL
cup (US) to daL1 cup (US) = 0.0236588236 daL
cup (US) to dL1 cup (US) = 2.365882365 dL
cup (US) to cL1 cup (US) = 23.65882365 cL
cup (US) to uL1 cup (US) = 236588.2365 uL
cup (US) to nL1 cup (US) = 236588236.5 nL
cup (US) to pL1 cup (US) = 236588236500 pL
cup (US) to fL1 cup (US) = 236588236499999 fL
cup (US) to aL1 cup (US) = 236588236499998560 aL
cup (US) to cc1 cup (US) = 236.5882365 cc
cup (US) to drop1 cup (US) = 4731.76473 drop
cup (US) to bbl (oil)1 cup (US) = 0.0014880952 bbl (oil)
cup (US) to bbl (US)1 cup (US) = 0.001984127 bbl (US)
cup (US) to bbl (UK)1 cup (US) = 0.0014456149 bbl (UK)
cup (US) to gal (UK)1 cup (US) = 0.0520421365 gal (UK)
cup (US) to qt (UK)1 cup (US) = 0.2081685462 qt (UK)
cup (US) to pt (UK)1 cup (US) = 0.4163370923 pt (UK)
Cup (US) Conversion Table
cup (US) to cup (metric)1 cup (US) = 0.946352946 cup (metric)
cup (US) to cup (UK)1 cup (US) = 0.8326741846 cup (UK)
cup (US) to fl oz (US)1 cup (US) = 8 fl oz (US)
cup (US) to fl oz (UK)1 cup (US) = 8.3267418463 fl oz (UK)
cup (US) to tablespoon (metric)1 cup (US) = 15.7725491 tablespoon (metric)
cup (US) to tablespoon (UK)1 cup (US) = 13.322786954 tablespoon (UK)
cup (US) to dessertspoon (US)1 cup (US) = 24 dessertspoon (US)
cup (US) to dessertspoon (UK)1 cup (US) = 19.984180431 dessertspoon (UK)
cup (US) to teaspoon (metric)1 cup (US) = 47.3176473 teaspoon (metric)
cup (US) to teaspoon (UK)1 cup (US) = 39.968360862 teaspoon (UK)
cup (US) to gi1 cup (US) = 2 gi
cup (US) to gi (UK)1 cup (US) = 1.6653483693 gi (UK)
cup (US) to minim (US)1 cup (US) = 3840 minim (US)
cup (US) to minim (UK)1 cup (US) = 3996.8360862 minim (UK)
cup (US) to ton reg1 cup (US) = 0.0000835503 ton reg
cup (US) to ccf1 cup (US) = 0.0000835503 ccf
cup (US) to hundred-cubic foot1 cup (US) = 0.0000835503 hundred-cubic foot
cup (US) to ac·ft1 cup (US) = 1.918052048E-7 ac·ft
cup (US) to ac·ft (US)1 cup (US) = 1.918040539E-7 ac·ft (US)
cup (US) to ac·in1 cup (US) = 0.0000023017 ac·in
cup (US) to dekastere1 cup (US) = 0.0000236588 dekastere
cup (US) to st1 cup (US) = 0.0002365882 st
cup (US) to decistere1 cup (US) = 0.0023658824 decistere
cup (US) to cd1 cup (US) = 0.0000652737 cd
cup (US) to tun1 cup (US) = 0.0002480159 tun
cup (US) to hogshead1 cup (US) = 0.0009920635 hogshead
cup (US) to board foot1 cup (US) = 0.1002604167 board foot
cup (US) to dr1 cup (US) = 64 dr
cup (US) to cor (Biblical)1 cup (US) = 0.0010754011 cor (Biblical)
cup (US) to homer (Biblical)1 cup (US) = 0.0010754011 homer (Biblical)
cup (US) to bath (Biblical)1 cup (US) = 0.0107540108 bath (Biblical)
cup (US) to hin (Biblical)1 cup (US) = 0.0645240645 hin (Biblical)
cup (US) to cab (Biblical)1 cup (US) = 0.1935721935 cab (Biblical)
cup (US) to log (Biblical)1 cup (US) = 0.774288774 log (Biblical)
cup (US) to Taza (Spanish)1 cup (US) = 1 Taza (Spanish)
cup (US) to Earth's volume1 cup (US) = 2.184563587E-25 Earth's volume


What is 9 Cup (US) in Milliliter?

mL. Since one cup (US) equals 236.5882365 mL, 9 cup (US) in mL will be mL.

How many Milliliter are in a Cup (US)?

There are 236.5882365 mL in one cup (US). In turn, one mL is equal to 0.0042267528 cup (US).

How many cup (US) is equal to 1 mL?

1 mL is approximately equal to 0.0042267528 cup (US).

What is the cup (US) value of 8 mL?

The Cup (US) value of 8 mL is cup (US). (i.e.,) 8 x 0.0042267528 = cup (US).

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