Luminous Intensity Unit Conversion, including c to c (German), c to c (UK) etc.

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Luminous Intensity Unit Conversions

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Luminous Intensity Units to Candle (international) Conversion Table
c (German) to c1 c (German) = 1.0526315789 c
c (UK) to c1 c (UK) = 1.0416666667 c
decimal candle to c1 decimal candle = 1 c
candle (pentane) to c1 candle (pentane) = 1 c
pentane candle (10 candle power) to c1 pentane candle (10 candle power) = 10 c
hefner candle to c1 hefner candle = 0.9000000001 c
carcel unit to c1 carcel unit = 9.610000003 c
bougie decimal to c1 bougie decimal = 1 c
lm/sr to c1 lm/sr = 1 c
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