Specific Volume Unit Conversion, including m³/kg to cm³/g, L/kg to L/g, ft³/kg to ft³/lb etc.

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Specific Volume Unit Conversions

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Other Specific Volume Unit to Cubic Meter/Kilogram Conversion Table
cm³/g to m³/kg1 cm³/g = 0.001 m³/kg
L/kg to m³/kg1 L/kg = 0.001 m³/kg
L/g to m³/kg1 L/g = 1 m³/kg
ft³/kg to m³/kg1 ft³/kg = 0.0283168466 m³/kg
ft³/lb to m³/kg1 ft³/lb = 0.06242796 m³/kg
gal (US)/lb to m³/kg1 gal (US)/lb = 0.0083454039 m³/kg
gal (UK)/lb to m³/kg1 gal (UK)/lb = 0.0100224128 m³/kg
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