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Area Unit Conversions

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Other Area Unit to Square meter Conversion Table
km² to m²1 km² = 1000000 m²
cm² to m²1 cm² = 0.0001 m²
mm² to m²1 mm² = 0.000001 m²
µm² to m²1 µm² = 1.E-12 m²
ha to m²1 ha = 10000 m²
ac to m²1 ac = 4046.8564224 m²
mi² to m²1 mi² = 2589988.1103 m²
yd² to m²1 yd² = 0.83612736 m²
ft² to m²1 ft² = 0.09290304 m²
in² to m²1 in² = 0.00064516 m²
hm² to m²1 hm² = 10000 m²
dam² to m²1 dam² = 100 m²
dm² to m²1 dm² = 0.01 m²
nm² to m²1 nm² = 1.E-18 m²
a to m²1 a = 100 m²
b to m²1 b = 1.E-28 m²
mi² (US survey) to m²1 mi² (US survey) = 2589998.4703 m²
ft² (US survey) to m²1 ft² (US survey) = 0.0929034116 m²
circular inch to m²1 circular inch = 0.0005067075 m²
township to m²1 township = 93239571.972 m²
section to m²1 section = 2589988.1103 m²
ac (US survey) to m²1 ac (US survey) = 4046.8726099 m²
rood to m²1 rood = 1011.7141056 m²
ch² to m²1 ch² = 404.68564224 m²
rod² to m²1 rod² = 25.29285264 m²
rod² (US survey) to m²1 rod² (US survey) = 25.292953812 m²
perch² to m²1 perch² = 25.29285264 m²
pole² to m²1 pole² = 25.29285264 m²
mil² to m²1 mil² = 6.4516E-10 m²
circular mil to m²1 circular mil = 5.06707479E-10 m²
homestead to m²1 homestead = 647497.02758 m²
sabin to m²1 sabin = 0.09290304 m²
arpent to m²1 arpent = 3418.8929237 m²
cuerda to m²1 cuerda = 3930.395625 m²
plaza to m²1 plaza = 6400 m²
varas castellanas cuad to m²1 varas castellanas cuad = 0.698737 m²
varas conuqueras cuad to m²1 varas conuqueras cuad = 6.288633 m²
Electron cross section to m²1 Electron cross section = 6.652461599E-29 m²
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