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Other Illumination Units to Lux Conversion Table
m·c to lx1 m·c = 1 lx
cm·c to lx1 cm·c = 10000 lx
ft·c to lx1 ft·c = 10.763910417 lx
flame to lx1 flame = 43.055641667 lx
ph to lx1 ph = 10000 lx
nx to lx1 nx = 0.001 lx
cd·sr/m² to lx1 cd·sr/m² = 1 lx
lm/m² to lx1 lm/m² = 1 lx
lm/cm² to lx1 lm/cm² = 10000 lx
lm/ft² to lx1 lm/ft² = 10.763910417 lx
W/cm² to lx1 W/cm² = 6830000 lx
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