Complete unit conversions, including length, weight, volume, temperature, force, area etc.

Common Unit Conversions

» Length and Distance

m, cm, km, dm, in, mi, nmi, ft, yd, ly etc.

» Mass and Weight

g, kg, mg, mcg, lbs, oz, t, ct, pdl, grain etc.

» Volume

m³, km³, cm³, dm³, L, kL, mL, cc, cup, drop etc.

» Data Transfer

bps, B/s, Tbps, Gbps, Kbps, Mbps etc.

» Energy and Work

J, N.m, kwh, kwh, hp·h, cal etc.

» Data Storage

b, B, kb, kB, Mb, MB, Gb, GB, Tb, TB etc.

» Power

W, J/s, kW, hp, Btu/s, cal/s, ton, kcal/h, V·A etc.

» Area

m², km², cm², dm², um², ft², yd², mi², in² etc.

» Pressure

Pa, psi, ksi, bar, kPa, MPa, N/m², lbf/ft² etc.

» Force

N, kN, gf, kgf, lbf, tf, dyn, ozf etc.

» Speed and Velocity

m/s, km/h, mi/h, cm/s, ft/s, kt, yd/s etc.

» Time

s, min, h, d, week, month, y, ms etc.

» Fuel Consumption

m/L, mi/L, km/gal, m/qt, km/L etc.

» Temperature Consumption

K, °C, °F, °R, °Re etc.

» Angle

°, rad, ^g, ', ", r etc.

» Dry Volume

L, qt dry, pt dry, pk, bu, bbl dry etc.

Engineering and Mechanics Unit Conversions

» Angular Velocity

rad/s, °/s, r/s, rad/d, °/d, r/d etc.

» Acceleration

m/s², km/s², mi/s², yd/s², in/s², ft/s² etc.

» Density

kg/m³, g/L, lb/in³, oz/in³, lb/L, gr/ft³ etc.

» Angular Acceleration

rad/s², °/s², r/s², rad/d², °/d², r/d² etc.

» Moment of Inertia

kg·m², g·m², oz·m², lb·m², ct·m², t·m² etc.

» Moment of Force

N·m, tf·m, kgf·m, lbf·ft, dyn·m, ozf·m etc.

» Torque

N·cm, kN·m, dyn·cm, gf·m, lbf·in, ozf·ft etc.

» Specific Volume

m³/kg, cm³/g, L/kg, L/g, ft³/kg, ft³/lb etc.

Heat Unit Conversions

» Fuel Efficiency - Mass

J/kg, cal/g, Btu/lb, J/lb, kW·h/kg, kcal/lb etc.

» Fuel Efficiency - Volume

J/m³, cal/cm³, Btu/ft³, J/L, kW·h/L, kcal/gal etc.

» Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

1/°C, 1/K, 1/°F, 1/°Ra, 1/°R etc.

» Thermal Resistance

°C/W, K/W, °F/W, °F·h/BTU, °F·s/BTU etc.

» Thermal Conductivity

W/(m·K), W/(cm·°С), cal/(s·cm·°С), kcal/(h·m·°С), Btu·in/(s·ft²·°F) etc.

» Specific Heat Capacity

J/(kg·K), J/(kg·°С), cal/(g·°С), kcal/(kg·K), Btu/(lb·°R) etc.

» Heat Density

J/m², cal/m², Btu/m², kW·h/m², kJ/ft², hp·h/m² etc.

» Heat Flux Density

W/m², W/cm², J/(s·m²), hp/ft², cal(IT)/(s·cm²), Btu(IT)/(s·ft²) etc.

» Heat Transfer Coefficient

W/(m²·K), W/(m²·°С), J/(s·m²·K), cal(IT)/(s·cm²·°С), Btu(IT)/(s·ft²·°F) etc.

» Temperature Interval

K, °С, °F, °R, °Re etc.

Fluids Unit Conversions

» Volumetric Flow Rate

m³/s, L/s, cm³/s, gal/s, bbl/s, oz/s, yd³/s, ft³/s etc.

» Mass Flow Rate

kg/s, g/s, mg/s, t/s, lb/s etc.

» Molar Flow Rate

mol/s, kmol/s, mmol/s, µmol/s, cmol/s etc.

» Mass Flux Density

g/(s·m²), kg/(h·m²), kg/(h·ft²), kg/(s·m²), lb/(s·ft²) etc.

» Molar Concentration

mol/m³, mol/L, kmol/m³, kmol/L, mmol/cm³, mM etc.

» Mass Concentration in a Solution

kg/L, g/m³, mg/L, lb/gal, lb/ft³, gr/gal etc.

» Dynamic Viscosity

Pa·s, N·s/m², kP, lbf·s/in², lb/(ft·s), g/(cm·s) etc.

» Kinematic Viscosity

m²/s, ft²/s, in²/s, yd²/s, St, kSt etc.

» Surface Tension

N/m, gf/cm, lbf/in, N/in, dyn/cm, pdl/in etc.

» Water Vapor Permeability

kg/(Pa·s·m²), perm (0°C), perm-inch (0°C), perm (23°C) etc.

Light Unit Conversions

» Luminance

cd/m², sb, nt, L, lm/(m²·sr), cd/in² etc.

» Luminous Intensity

c, c (German), c (UK), decimal candle etc.

» Illumination

lx, m·c, cm·c, ft·c, ph, nx, lm/m², cd·sr/m² etc.

» Digital Image Resolution

DPI, PPI, dot/m, pixel/m, dot/cm, pixel/cm etc.

» Frequency and Wavelength

Hz, MHz, kHz, cHz, mHz, wavelength in m etc.

Electrical Unit Conversions

» Electric Charge

C, kC, abC, stC, A·h, e etc.

» Linear Charge Density

C/m, MC/m, stC/m, A·s/m, Fr/in, kC/in, C/in etc.

» Surface Charge Density

C/m², C/in², kC/m², stC/nm², A·s/in², Fr/m² etc.

» Volume Charge Density

C/m³, C/in³, A·s/L, C/L, abC/L, abC/in³ etc.

» Electric Current

A, kA, abA, stA, Bi, mA etc.

» Linear Current Density

A/m, abA/m, Oe, Gi/cm, mA/m, μA/m etc.

» Surface Current Density

A/m², abA/m², A/in², kA/cm², A/cm², A/mil² etc.

» Electric Field Strength

V/m, KV/cm, V/in, V/mil, stV/cm, abV/cm, N/C etc.

» Electric Potential and Voltage

V, W/A, abV, stV, kV, EMU, ESU etc.

» Electrical Resistance

Ω, mΩ, abΩ, stΩ, kΩ, MΩ, V/A, μΩ etc

» Electric Resistivity

Ω·m, Ω·in, abΩ·cm, stΩ·cm, mΩ·cm, μΩ·in etc.

» Electric Conductance

S, ℧, ab℧, st℧, A/V, mS, kS etc.

» Electric Conductivity

S/m, ℧/m, ab℧/m, st℧/m, S/cm, mS/m etc.

» Electrostatic Capacitance

F, C/V, abF, stF, kF, mF etc.

» Inductance

H, Wb/A, abH, stH, kH, mH etc.

Magnetism Unit Conversions

» Magnetomotive Force

At, kAt, mAt, Gi, abAt, mGi etc.

» Magnetic Field Strength

A/m, At/m, kA/m, Oe etc.

» Magnetic Flux

Wb, V·s, Mx, T·m², G·cm², Φ₀ etc.

» Magnetic Flux Density

T, Mx/m², Wb/m², G, line/m² etc.

Radiation and Radiology Unit Conversions

» Radiation

Gy/s, rd/s, J/kg/s, W/kg, Sv/s, rem/s etc.

» Radioactivity-Radioactive Decay

Bq, Ci, mBq, Rd, kCi, 1/s etc.

» Radiation Exposure

C/kg, R, rep, C/g, Sv, rem etc.

» Radiation-Absorbed Dose

rd, J/kg, Gy, J/g, J/mg, mrd etc.

Other Converters

» Metric Prefixes

M, k, m, µ, d, c etc.

» Sound

B, dB, Np etc.

» Typography

twip, cm, character (X), pixel (X), in, pica etc.

» Lumber Volume

m³, cord, cunit, pallet, ft³, switch tie etc.


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