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Magnetomotive Force Unit Conversion, including At to kAt, mAt to µAt, mGi to Gi etc.

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Other Magnetomotive Force Unit to Ampere Turn Conversion Table
kAt to At1 kAt = 1000 At
MAt to At1 MAt = 1000000 At
mAt to At1 mAt = 0.001 At
abAt to At1 abAt = 10 At
µAt to At1 µAt = 0.000001 At
Gi to At1 Gi = 0.79577471510227 At
mGi to At1 mGi = 0.00079577471510227 At
kGi to At1 kGi = 795.77471510227 At
MGi to At1 MGi = 795774.71510227 At
µGi to At1 µGi = 7.9577471510227e-7 At
A to At1 A = 1 At
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